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About Us

We are a Interior designing company with the capability of Designing and creating our own custom made furniture. With a group of widely experienced designers coming from various backgrounds and discipline, we able to provide a plethora of ideas to suit your needs. Whether it’s a classical look which transcends time, a modern contemporary design to match with your busy lifestyle or just a modern and minimalist approach, we are here to assist you. We think, we plan and we construct. Leave your worries to us; allow us to guide you in the limitless world of design.

Our Services

We provide one stop design and build service for your home. We provide innovative design, with the input of latest technology and style. We have our own factory, to produce the quality products for your home. Our range of design and renovation service includes kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, living hall furniture and design, accessories for home

Sliding Wordrobe

Where space is limited and appearance is essential, sliding doors are the perfect solution for any room. Saving space on the outside of the wardrobe whilst creating more within

Walk In Wardrobe

Walk in wardrobes, a luxury home living style. The ability to have a whole room or closet to organize all your clothes and accessories

Swing Door Wardrobe

The swing door wardrobe may not be the newest innovation in the market but it represents reliability, quality and affordability

Build In Wordrobe

Build in wardrobes are good renovations that get you lots of additional storage space


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